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The Best Atlas Jack Plate: My Top 5 Choices For 2024

An Atlas jack plate is popular for its reliability and features. It optimizes boat performance by allowing you to adjust the engine height for different conditions, reducing drag, increasing fuel efficiency, and enhancing speed and stability.

When buying a jack plate, consider the weight and horsepower of your outboard engine, the plate’s material, lift range, and the type of water you’ll be on. Choose a strong plate that can handle your motor’s weight and power, and ensure it’s easy to install and adjust for seamless operation.

But do not worry because, in this article, I have listed the best atlas jack plates on the market.

What is the best Atlas Jack Plate?

Here are my top 5 recommended Atlas jack plates, from the least to the best.

5. T-H Marine Micro Jacker

If you’re navigating shallow waters or require quick boat elevation and have a small outboard, the T-H Marine Micro Jacker can be an optimal choice.


  • Ideal for shallow water vessels and makes for rapid lifting.
  • Compatibility with a range of boats due to its universal fit.
  • Notable for its lightweight construction, easing installation.


  • Limited to outboards with a maximum weight capacity of 425 lbs.
  • Some users may find installation challenging without professional help.
  • Need for potential modifications for optimal fit on specific boats.

Boaters seeking enhanced performance in shallow waters will find a helpful ally in this jack plate. Its ability to lift quickly can get you out of sticky situations with ease, making your boating experience more versatile and enjoyable.

The T-H Marine Micro Jacker’s universal fit feature ensures it can accommodate various boat types without extensive setup overhauls.

Consider that while this model promotes easy maneuverability and quick elevation, there’s a cap on horsepower and weight it can support. It’s essential to verify that your boat’s specifications align with the product’s limitations to prevent any performance issues or damage.

4. T-H Marine Atlas Jack Plate

If you’re seeking an efficient way to enhance your boat’s performance, the T-H Marine Atlas Jack Plate is a solid choice due to its robust construction and ease of installation.


  • Built to handle a load up to 625 pounds, promising durability
  • The 4-inch setback offers an improved boat performance


  • Only one color option – black
  • Limited to one customer review for reference
  • May be cumbersome for those unfamiliar with boat modifications

Boatlifts are crucial for boat performance and propeller protection. The T-H Marine Atlas Jack Plate is known for its heavy-duty construction, ensuring secure mounting and enhancing speed and stability for high-performance boating.

While the installation is marketed as straightforward, it requires a basic understanding of boat mechanics. However, for the seasoned boater or with professional assistance, setting up this jack plate is not a daunting task. The clear instructions and design for quick fitting make it a weekend project with potentially substantial benefits.

The black finish of this product may limit customization options for some, but its versatile color complements most hull designs.

3. Bob’s Action Series 6″ Jac Plate

If you’re looking for a strong and reliable jack plate for your motorboat, consider Bob’s Machine 100-106010 Action Series Jac Plate.


  • Speedy lift time boosts motor response
  • Simplified rigging with an internal pump
  • Pre-drilled for easy shallow water anchor installation


  • The heavyweight may be a consideration for smaller boats
  • Internal pump positioning might not suit all boat configurations
  • Limited to a 300 HP maximum, which might not satisfy all high-power demands

The Boating Accessories’ one-piece design offers a sturdy and seamless setup. The internally mounted pump provides a sleek appearance and smooth rigging process. The product is backed by a limited lifetime warranty against structural defects, showcasing the company’s commitment to longevity and customer satisfaction.

Convenience also comes in the form of maintenance, with automotive grease fittings that simplify the upkeep process. Bob’s Machine 100-106010 Action Series Jac Plate’s accommodation for side-mount shallow water anchors brings an extra layer of versatility if you are looking to enhance your on-water stability and fishing capabilities.

2. TH Marine AHJ-4VHD-DP Jack Plate

For those who want the best in boating performance and reliability, the TH Marine AHJ-4VHD-DP Jack Plate is a solid choice that offers durability and ease of use.

That’s why it gets the position #2 on this list.


  • Maintains top position without regular grease lubrication
  • Can handle high horsepower engines up to 400 HP
  • Universally fitting, making it highly adaptable


  • Premium pricing may not fit all budgets
  • High load capacity might be unnecessary for smaller boats

The TH Marine AHJ-4VHD-DP is a top-selling Jack Plate with a high load capacity for engines up to 400 HP, favored by fishing professionals for its reliability.

The promise of no regular grease lubrication sets this jack plate apart from others, granting you more time on the water rather than on maintenance. Its universal fit feature is advantageous, offering compatibility with a wide range of boats.

With the TH Marine AHJ-4VHD-DP, you’re looking at a high-performing and durable jack plate that could be an excellent addition to your boating setup, especially if you require a product that meets rigorous demands without constant upkeep.

1. Atlas Hydraulic Jack Plate (The Best)

You should consider this jack plate for reliable performance and its rapid lift technology. It is my #1 recommended Atlas jack plate.


  • Quick and efficient lifting in less than 8 seconds
  • Durable polymer rod construction that resists wear
  • Simple, self-contained hydraulic setup


  • Wiring harness and switch not included

The T-H Marine AHJ-6V-DP is designed for powerful V6 engines with a smooth rod and slot lifting design. Its high-tech polymer rods outperform steel in abrasion resistance.

The self-contained hydraulic pump system makes installation easy, skipping the need for external reservoirs and lines. It operates swiftly, raising your outboard in no time.

The Atlas Hydraulic Jack Plate stands out for its built quality and performance, despite some missing components and potential need for modifications.

Buying Guide

Understanding Your Needs

Before purchasing an atlas jack plate, assess the type of boat you have and the activities you’ll be engaging in. This understanding will guide you towards the right size and type of jack plate for your boating needs.

Construction Materials

Materials are crucial for durability and performance. Look for jack plates made from high-strength materials such as stainless steel or anodized aluminum, which offer corrosion resistance and longevity.

Size and Weight Capacity

Make sure the jack plate can handle your boat’s weight and size. Check the manufacturer’s specifications for maximum weight capacity and ensure it’s suitable for your boat’s outboard motor.

Lift Range

The lift range determines how high you can raise the motor. A larger range provides greater versatility in shallow waters but requires more power to operate. Consider the typical environments you’ll be boating in.

Setback Distance

Setback refers to how far the motor can be moved away from the transom. A greater setback can improve performance but might require additional modifications to your boat.

Hydraulic vs. Manual

Decide between a hydraulic or manual jack plate based on your budget and convenience. Hydraulic models offer ease of use at a higher cost, while manual ones require physical adjustment but are typically less expensive.

Ease of Installation

Consider how easy the jack plate is to install. Some models are more user-friendly and come with clear instructions, reducing the need for professional installation.

Adjustment Precision

Look for jack plates with precise adjustment capabilities, allowing for fine tuning of your boat’s performance in different water conditions.

Here is a table summarizing the key features to compare:

MaterialDurability, corrosion resistance
Size & CapacityCompatibility with boat size and motor weight
Lift RangeAdaptability to water depth
SetbackPerformance improvement and boat compatibility
TypeHydraulic for convenience, manual for cost-efficiency
InstallationUser-friendliness and clarity of instructions
AdjustmentPrecision for optimal performance adjustments

By considering these factors, you can select an atlas jack plate that enhances your boating experience and meets your specific requirements.

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