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What Size Gun Do I Need To Spray Gelcoat?

The ideal gun tip size for spraying gelcoat is typically between 2.5-3mm. A 2.5mm nozzle is perfect for most gelcoats, providing a high transfer efficiency and quality spray pattern that saves time and material.

Some gun models, like the ES G100 and G200, support an even wider range of 0.8-7.1mm tips to accommodate different needs.

Choosing the Right Spray Gun for Gelcoat

When it comes to selecting a spray gun specifically designed for applying gelcoat, the BANG4BUCK Professional HVLP Gravity Feed Air Spray Gun is a popular choice that delivers great results. However, there are a few other factors to consider beyond just the tip size:

  • Gravity feed guns tend to be preferable for better control and less waste
  • Look for guns with stainless steel tips for durability
  • An HVLP (high volume, low pressure) gun helps lay down a smooth, even coat
  • A full size professional grade gun will be easier to handle for larger jobs

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Tips for Spraying Gelcoat Like a Pro

Once you have the right size tip and spray gun, there are some techniques that will help you achieve professional looking results with your gelcoat:

  • Always start with the gun triggering off the part and maintain a consistent distance
  • Overlap each pass by about 50% for even coverage without heavy spots
  • Keep the gun perpendicular to the surface to avoid uneven build-up
  • Thin the gelcoat properly for your gun to prevent clogging and ensure smooth flow
  • Clean your gun thoroughly after each use to keep it in top shape

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With the proper spray gun and nozzle size combined with good techniques, you’ll be able to lay down smooth, durable gelcoat like an expert. Take your time, maintain your equipment, and enjoy the satisfying results of a job well done!

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