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Do you Need A Special Spray Gun For Gelcoat?

Yes, you do need a special spray gun for applying gelcoat. Gel coat spray guns allow for quick and efficient application, saving time and effort. A dedicated gelcoat spray gun is designed to handle the thickness and viscosity of gelcoat material, providing the right atomization and spray pattern for a smooth, even finish.

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Types of Gelcoat Spray Guns

There are a few main types of spray guns suitable for spraying gelcoat:

  1. LEL (Low Emission, Low Pressure) Spray Guns: These are designed to reduce overspray and emissions while providing good atomization. They operate at lower pressures, making them efficient and environmentally friendly.
  2. AAA (Air Assisted Airless) Spray Guns: These combine the benefits of airless and conventional spray systems. They provide a fine finish and are suitable for spraying thicker materials like gelcoat.
  3. Conventional Spray Guns: These are the most common type, using compressed air to atomize the gelcoat. They offer adjustable settings for pattern and fluid control. The primary types of spray guns available to spray gel coat include LEL, AAA, and conventional spray guns.

Choosing the Right Gelcoat Spray Gun

When selecting a gelcoat spray gun, consider these factors:

  • Nozzle Size: A larger nozzle (e.g., 2.3mm or higher) is better for spraying thicker gelcoat without thinning.
  • Pressure Rating: Ensure the gun can handle the required pressure for proper gelcoat atomization, typically 44-58 psi.
  • Material Compatibility: Choose a gun designed for use with gelcoat and resins.
  • Adjustability: Look for a gun with adjustable settings for spray pattern, fluid control, and air pressure to fine-tune your application.

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Tips for Spraying Gelcoat

  • Thin the gelcoat only if necessary, as excessive thinning can weaken the cured coating.
  • Maintain consistent pressure and distance from the surface while spraying.
  • Apply gelcoat in multiple thin layers rather than one heavy coat for better coverage and curing.
  • Clean your spray gun thoroughly after each use to prevent clogs and ensure longevity.

Investing in a quality gelcoat spray gun tailored to your specific needs will make your gelcoat application process more efficient, cost-effective, and successful in the long run.

With the right tool and technique, you’ll achieve professional-looking results that protect and beautify your fiberglass surfaces for years to come.

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