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Best Gelcoat Repair Kit For Boats in 2024

A gelcoat repair kit is a must-have item for any boat owner. Gelcoat repair kits allow you to fix chips, cracks, and scratches in your boat’s gelcoat, protecting the hull and maintaining that showroom shine. When damage occurs, it’s crucial to have the best gelcoat repair kit on hand so you can quickly make repairs before the problem worsens.

In this post, you will find out the best gelcoat repair kit for boats preferred by boaters and professionals.

We’ll review options for all needs and budgets, including the best overall kits, value picks, beginner-friendly choices, and more.

With the right DIY gelcoat repair kit, you’ll be able to keep your boat looking pristine for years. Read on to discover which gelcoat repair kit is the ideal choice for your boat and skills.

What to Look for in a Gelcoat Repair Kit

When selecting a gelcoat repair kit, here are the key factors to consider:

  • Ease of use – Look for resins that are pre-measured and easy to mix and apply. Step-by-step instructions are essential for first-timers.
  • Cure time – The resin should cure quickly so you can sand and paint the repair the same day. Slow cure times are inconvenient.
  • Color matching – Tinting agents and multiple color options ensure an accurate color match to your existing gelcoat.
  • Durability – Marine-grade polyester resins offer the best adhesion and long-lasting repairs. Automotive body fillers should be avoided.
  • Cost – Gelcoat kits range in price from $20 to $100+ based on quality and amount of materials. Buy the best kit you can afford.

With those factors in mind, let’s look at some of the top gelcoat repair kits available.

Here are my picks on the best boat gel coat repair kits.

1. Best for Beginners: Interlux Gelcoat Repair Kit

Topping our list is the Interlux Gelcoat Repair Kit, which contains everything needed for permanent, color-matched repairs. It’s very beginner-friendly thanks to its easy-to-use filler and detailed instructions.

The filler has a paste consistency that’s easy to apply. It cures quickly, allowing you to sand and paint the repair within hours. Interlux offers the filler in 16 different shades to match common gelcoat colors.

This kit also contains materials sized for small or large repairs up to 18 square feet. It’s praised by users for resulting in repairs that seamlessly blend with the existing gelcoat. Even first-timers can get professional-looking results.

2. Best Budget: SEM Marine Gelcoat Repair Kit

Best gelcoat repair kit for boats - the marine gel coat kit description tools

Cost-conscious boaters should consider SEM Marine’s straightforward polyester gelcoat repair kit. At about half the price of premium kits, it provides quality results without breaking the bank.

The included paste-like resin fills in cracks and chips easily with a putty knife. It cures to a hard finish that sands smooth and mimics factory gelcoat. To blend repairs, add gelcoat repair liquid before the paste hardens.

This affordable kit covers areas up to 18 square inches, making it ideal for minor gelcoat fixes. Just don’t expect the same longevity as premium kits. Overall, SEM offers the best value for money.

3. TotalBoat Gelcoat Repair Kit

Next is the TotalBoat Gelcoat Repair Kit, a marine-grade option ideal for DIYers. The polyester resin formula bonds tenaciously to cured gelcoat for permanent repairs.

This kit includes TotalBoat’s specialized gelcoat additive. Mixing a small amount of this additive into the resin gives it the same texture and workability as a factory gelcoat for easy application. Users say it really helps the repair blend in seamlessly.

At a reasonable price point, TotalBoat’s kit comes with materials sized for repairs up to 18 square inches. It’s an excellent choice for filling chips, cracks, and scratches above or below the waterline.

4. Best Color Options: Multicoat Gelcoat Repair Kit

Get the Multicoat kit with multiple colour options to match your boat’s precise gelcoat hue. It comes with white resin plus tinting pastes in grey, blue, green, yellow, black, and more.

After mixing the resin with their colorants, you can closely replicate almost any gelcoat color. The resin fills scratches, chips, and cracks with a durable finish.

This versatile kit works on all fiberglass surfaces. It contains materials sized for small or large repairs up to 18 square feet. For color-matching ability, the Multicoat is tops.

5. Sea Hawk Gelcoat Repair Kit

Sea Hawk’s polyester gelcoat repair kit is designed specifically for use on fiberglass boats and other marine composites. It provides maximum adhesion and resistance to both fresh and salt water.

The paste-like filler cures to an easy-to-sand finish that mimics the look of factory gelcoat. You can apply multiple layers to build up low spots as needed. This versatility makes the kit handy for fixing impact damage, holes, or pitted areas.

Sea Hawk offers their filler in standard white or grey. While it lacks tints for color-matching, it works well for quick repairs followed by painting. Overall, it’s a heavy-duty option at a lower price point.

6. Evercoat Gelcoat Repair Kit

Trusted brand Evercoat makes a top-rated budget kit priced under $20. Despite the low cost, it provides long-lasting repairs and easy application.

The polyester resin fills in cracks and nicks up to 1/8″ deep when applied with a putty knife. It air cures to a hard, sandable finish and won’t shrink. You can polish it for a glossy sheen that matches the surrounding gelcoat.

Evercoat’s kit is limited to white or black filler. But it’s ideal for quick fixes and temporary repairs until you can properly match and paint the area. Reviewers say it works well, especially given the affordable price.

7. Marykate Gelcoat Repair Kit

Marykate’s kit offers an extensive color selection with pre-colored fillers in 16 shades. It’s engineered to exactly match standard gelcoat colors for seamless blending into the surrounding area.

The thin, putty-like filler permanently bonds to fiberglass and cured gelcoat. It sands easily after hardening for a smooth, durable finish. You can layer the filler to fill deep gouges or holes.

This versatile kit can repair cracks, scrapes, impact damage, and dock rash marks on the hull above or below the waterline.

Convenient pre-measured pouches allow mixing only what you need. Overall, it provides top-notch repairs and color-matching ability.

No boat owner likes to see ugly cracks spidering across their vessel’s once-pristine gelcoat. With regular detailing and some minor repairs, you can keep your boat’s finish looking its best for years of enjoyable water time.

Be sure to thoroughly prep damaged areas before repairing for best results. And don’t be tempted to use automotive body filler instead of a marine-grade resin made specifically for gelcoat.

With one of these complete gelcoat repair kits aboard, you’ll have everything needed for professional-quality fixes.

Just take your time, follow the instructions, and you’ll soon be sailing with confidence again.

Have you used any of these gelcoat repair kits on your boat? If so, let us know your experiences in the comments below!

We’d love to hear feedback on how the repairs held up over time. And feel free to suggest any other gelcoat repair products you’ve had success with.

The boating community is strongest when we share knowledge and help each other maintain our vessels. Your insights may help fellow boaters pick the ideal DIY gel coat repair kit for their needs.

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This article was all about the best Gelcoat repair kit for boats. Hope I have helped you make an informed decision.

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