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Repurpose Old Fiberglass Boats: My 7 Best Simple Ideas

We’ve all seen them – those old fiberglass boats abandoned in yards or marinas, just taking up space and slowly decaying. But what if you could give that neglected hull a awesome new purpose?

Repurposing an old fiberglass boat is a creative and eco-friendly way to breathe new life into something that would otherwise end up in a landfill.

This article will teach you easy ways to repurpose old fiberglass boats.

Why Repurpose a Fiberglass Boat?

Aside from keeping old boats out of the trash, repurposing allows you to craft something totally unique and customized to your needs or style. An article from BoatUS highlights how fiberglass recycling businesses are giving old boats “a second life” by transforming the sturdy hulls into outdoor furniture, planters, and even building materials.

The possibilities are endless!

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How to Repurpose Old Fiberglass Boats?

Here are the top ideas for repurposing an old fiberglass boat.

1. Planter or Garden

fiberglass boat turned into a planter in a garden

One of the most popular reuses for an old boat hull is converting it into a quirky planter or garden feature. Just stand it upright like an island salvager suggested on Hometalk and add some potting soil and your favorite plants. You could even cut portholes into the sides for a true nautical touch.

2. Furniture

fiberglass boat repurposed into an outdoor furniture

Smaller hulls or boats in rough shape can be repurposed into outdoor furniture like benches, chairs or side tables. Check out these awesome examples from Pinterest – the curves and lines of boat hulls lend such a unique flair.

3. Building Material

For a really creative project, you could even use larger boat pieces as walls, roofing or other non-conventional building materials.

The key is letting your imagination go wild! With a little elbow grease and creative vision, you can turn that old eyesore into something beautiful and functional.

4. Household Item

In addition to planters, furniture and building materials, old fiberglass boats can be reimagined into all sorts of clever household items.

A boat’s windshield or curved windows could become a unique shower door or partition. The sleek hull itself makes a perfect bathtub for an ultra-modern bathroom remodel!

5. Backyard hot tub or Plunge pool

For those who enjoy outdoor living, a runabout hull could be turned into a rustic backyard hot tub or plunge pool.

Just add some plumbing and waterproof sealant. Or make it into a one-of-a-kind fire pit by cutting a hole in the center of the hull.

6. Home Office or She-Shed

Larger fiberglass sailing or cruising boats have plenty of storage potential too. As one forum user described, the hull could be repurposed into a shed, tiny home office or she-shed after stripping out the interior components.

Mount it on a trailer base for easy mobility.

7. Blank Canvas

fiberglass boat in a garage turned into a blank canvas

If you have an artistic flair, an old boat makes a great blank canvas for sculptures, murals or other creative expressions. Complement your repurposed boat project with nautical decor like port windows, anchors, fishing nets or buoys.

How to Prep a Fiberglass Hull

Once you have a vision for your repurposed boat project, it’s time to prep that fiberglass hull.

First, thoroughly clean and strip any residue using environmentally-safe degreasers and cleaners. Next, repair any cracks or holes with a marine-grade filler or fiberglass repair kit.

For a smooth, unified look you may want to grind down any seams or protruding hardware mounts. Finally, prime and paint the hull using paints meant for fiberglass surfaces – this will protect it from UV damage while letting you customize the color.

Fiberglass boats were built to be tough and durable in harsh marine environments. With a little TLC, you can give one a whole new life as something both useful and unique! So don’t let that abandoned hull go to waste – unlock your creativity and repurpose it into something incredible.

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