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How To Mount DownRiggers On A Fiberglass Boat?

Mounting downriggers on your fiberglass boat is a great way to take your fishing game to the next level.

Downriggers allow you to troll your bait or lure at precise depths, putting it right in the strike zone of the fish you’re targeting.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know to successfully mount downriggers on your fiberglass boat.

How to Mount Downriggers on a Fiberglass Boat?

1. Choosing the Right Mounting Location

The first step is to decide where to mount your downriggers.

You’ll want to position them towards the stern on either side of the boat, about 2-3 feet from the transom.

Make sure there is enough clearance for the downrigger boom to swing freely without hitting anything.

2. Selecting a Mounting Method

There are a few different ways to secure downriggers to a fiberglass boat:

  1. Gimbal mounts that attach to the gunwale
  2. Aluminum backing plates bonded to the underside of the deck
  3. Removable mounting boards clamped to the gunwale

Gimbal mounts are a popular option, but proper reinforcement underneath is key to prevent damage to your boat. Using large aluminum backing plates will help distribute the load.

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3. Step-by-Step Installation

someone drilling holes on a fiberglass boat to mount downriggers

Once you’ve chosen your spot and mounting method, you’re ready to install the downriggers:

  1. Mark and drill pilot holes for the mounting screws
  2. Apply a generous bead of marine-grade sealant around each hole
  3. Secure the downrigger base with stainless steel screws and fender washers
  4. Attach the boom and weight retrieval system according to the manufacturer’s instructions

Pro Tips for a Secure Setup

  • Use a backing plate that is at least 1/4″ thick and extends several inches beyond the base of the downrigger
  • Don’t overtighten the mounting screws which can crack the fiberglass
  • Check that everything is tight and rattle-free before each fishing trip
  • Use bungee cords to secure the booms in place during transport

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Maintenance and Care

With your downriggers mounted, a little routine TLC will keep them working smoothly for years to come:

  • Rinse the entire assembly with freshwater after each outing
  • Lubricate the weight retrieval mechanism regularly
  • Inspect the cable for signs of wear and replace as needed
  • Touch up any paint chips orCorrosionX on the boom and base

If you follow these guidelines, you’ll be ready to start pulling trophy fish from the depths in no time. Get out there and downrig with confidence knowing your gear is mounted securely to handle whatever monsters you hook into!

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